New 2022
price list


In line with our desire for a "change of scenery", we have created a catalog that is in keeping with our new graphic charter.
To implement this transition smoothly, we wanted to preserve the same general organization as the one we had on our 2021 price list.

You will find the classification of product families with a categorization by color:

  • Air inlet in blue
  • Orange extract vents
  • Aeraulics components in purple
  • Air intakes and outlets in light green
  • Grilles in dark green


Product information is always focused around main key objectives, such as: a brief product presentation, implementation and technical characteristics (e.g. aeraulic curves, acoustic elements, etc.)
As always, the purpose of our price list is to provide a technical catalog and we have therefore chosen to keep all the technical characteristics since it is exclusively focused on the professionals of the sector, i.e. YOU.
Using graphic tools, we have revised the layout to make it easier to read so that it flows more smoothly.

Our ambitions for 2023 are great and we are committed to continuous improvement. Our objective and plan is to automate all of our technical and commercial documentation. Our goal is to centralize data to facilitate the creation and distribution of content. Thanks to this solution, we will be better able to respond to your requests as soon as possible.

You can directly download our 2022 price list, here: