New breath, new identity


At the start of 2022, we had the pleasure of unveiling our new logo. Anjos has continued to evolve since 1967, the date of its creation, and must face up to new economic, ecological and social challenges.

Without abandoning our roots and our values, our ambition is to develop products that improve living conditions, to set up industrial processes that allow our employees to evolve in the best possible working environment and finally to build balanced relationships with our customers so that we can jointly build the best solutions on the market.
We want to be manufacturers of well-being. All of this ambition is summed up in our baseline, which gives impetus to our positive and considerate attitude: "inspired well-being".

A logo is not just an image. It announces a brand positioning that reflects the business and draws us together. We want to convey this positioning to all of our customers and employees. For the redesign of our brand identity, we called on the services of experts who accompanied us throughout the project.
All the work done at the start was to redefine the positioning of the Anjos brand using teamwork involving employees. Then, an artistic team took over to translate the fruit of this work into our new logo and our new charter.
Our marketing and communication team is committed to bringing the logo and our charter to life on all the communication channels and media. Consequently, to start this transition, you will find a new catalog and website.

The history of Anjos has been marked by several changes to the logo often associated with important changes within the company. The latest development in 2012 was initiated by the second generation, who had been running the company for a few years at the time. This new development was initiated by the third generation, which is gradually imparting its vision to the company.

Find below our history through the evolution of our logo since the creation of Anjos to the present day.

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