Mini éséa

Acoustic self-regulating air inlet

The Mini ÉSÉA (RA-ME) self-regulating acoustic air inlet, installed on the inside, is made of polystyrene. The anti-mosquito grille function
is ensured directly by the air inlet. Installation in the main rooms (living rooms and bedrooms) for the supply of fresh air from single-flow mechanical ventilation systems.

Available in 15, 22 or 30 m³/h flow rates. The 15 m³/h air inlet allows 22 or 30 m³/h airflows and the 22 m³/h air inlet allows a 30 m³/h airflow.

Operation on vertical walls and all inclined planes (e.g. roof window, underside of roller shutter box, etc.)
The front cap, placed on the outside, is made of UV and weather resistant polystyrene in the same colors as the air inlets.
Assembled exclusively on surfaces sheltered from the weather. In the case of unsheltered surfaces, contact us.

The key points of the product

Easy maintenance
Regular maintenance of the products is necessary in order to guarantee optimal efficiency.
All our products are guaranteed for 2 years.
French made
Our products are manufactured and assembled in France, in our factories in Torcieu in the Ain department.
Mini Eséa air inlets ensure a constant flow of fresh air over a given pressure range
The weighted sound reduction index Dnew(Ctr) score varies from
38 to 42 dB for the 15 and 22 m³/h flow rate
and from 37 to 39 dB for the 30 m³/h flow rate.

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