Extract vents and inlet vents with plastic adjustable flow

BORÉA white adjustable plastic vents are intended for inlet and extract air flows air in housing and tertiary premises. These vents are specially designed to be installed in the ceiling or wall position. When used for letting air in, breakable deflectors are used to channel the diffusion of air.

BOREA vents can be combined with an RDR type flow regulator.
Entirely made of polystyrene, they consist of a body, an adjustable central shut-off and a central closable grille allowing different flow settings. They can be mounted directly on the duct or be associated with a cuff or sleeve.

The key points of the product

Easy maintenance
Regular maintenance of the products is necessary in order to guarantee optimal efficiency.
All our products are guaranteed for 2 years.
French made
Our products are manufactured and assembled in France, in our factories in Torcieu in the Ain department.

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