Through-wall penetration silencers

The SC silencer, made up of an acoustic sleeve associated with a self-regulating or humidity-controlled air inlet (with circular connection) is installed in all the linings after having made the circular hole in the wall and sealed a sheet metal sleeve
Ø 125 mm.

The SC silencer assembly combined with the GAPM external wall grille and the humidity-controlled EM HY or self-regulating EM A 22 and EM A 30 air inlets can be mounted both in a wall with external insulation and in a wall with internal insulation.

The key points of the product

Easy maintenance
Regular maintenance of the products is necessary in order to guarantee optimal efficiency.
All our products are guaranteed for 2 years.
French made
Our products are manufactured and assembled in France, in our factories in Torcieu in the Ain department.
The weighted sound reduction index Dnew(Ctr) score is 47 dB.

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