Adjustable-flow ventilators - PM

Adjustable-flow ventilator (plastic)

Grilles made of polystyrene or ABS can be mounted on the outside or inside.

Made of polystyrene, PM adjustable vents consist of a type P bar grille (white color) and a frame to be sealed serving as a support for 2 mobile shutters ensuring the closure of the air passage.
A control button located on the lower part of the grille allows the air passage to be partially or completely closed.

The key points of the product

Adjustable-flow ventilators – PM
Easy maintenance
Regular maintenance of the products is necessary in order to guarantee optimal efficiency.
Adjustable-flow ventilators – PM
All our products are guaranteed for 2 years.
Adjustable-flow ventilators – PM
French made
Our products are manufactured and assembled in France, in our factories in Torcieu in the Ain department.

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